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LaChromUltra High-Speed Liquid Chromatograph

LaChromUltra delivers ultra-fast analysis, higher resolution, increased sensitivity and the flexibility to run both higher pressure and conventional HPLC analyses on a single system.




LaChromUltra delivers ultra-fast, high-resolution analyses through a balanced optimization of a 2μm particle column and a maximum 60MPa system pressure.


  • Ultra-fast analysis times: Reduced to about 1/10, as compared with our conventional HPLC.
  • Accurate and complete data: detector response times (0.01sec) and sampling periods (10msec) designed for high speed analysis.
  • Easy to use: finger-tight column switching system allows you to easily change between ultra and conventional LC columns.
  • Flexible: Choose Hitachi's 3 or 5μm particle columns for easy method transfer between ultra and conventional LC applications on one system.


Analysis time is reduced to 1/10

Example of Analysis of DNPH-Aldehyde




*1: (4.6mmI.D150mm)
*2: (2.0mmI.D.×50mm)



Example of system configuration




L-2160U Pump(2 Units)

Dual-plunger reciprocating pump (seriesconnection, pulsation suppression) Max.
discharge pressure: 60MPa (0.001 to 2.500mL/min)
Flow rate range: 0.001 to 5.000mL/min

Gradient System

2-pump flow rate control

L-2200U Auto Sampler

Withstand pressure: 60MPa
Sample injection system: Direct injection
Sample injection volume: 0.1 to 50μL

L-2300 Column Oven

Temperature control system Block heating + Air circulation
Temperature setting range 1 to 65  (in 1  steps)

L-2400U UV Detector

Optical system: Double-beam ratio photometry system
Light source: D2 lamp, Hg lamp (for wavelength check)
Response: 0.01sec (ultra-fast)


The organizer is capable of supplying power to two pumps, one auto sampler and one detector. It is also usable as a reservoir to accommodate solvent bottles.

Chromatography Data Station

 EZChrom EliteTM




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